My Son the Doctor is Your New Favorite Punk Band?

My latest punk rock obsession is My Son the Doctor. Clever lyrics, unique vocal tones, and high energy are all staples of this punk band. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, My Son the Doctor, cuts throat with edgy and out of the box lyrics that keep me begging to hear more songs. “MESH” is their latest release featuring honest and quirky lyrics and a high energy vocal delivery with loads of attitude. “MESH” is a great introduction to what this self-described “Slacker Punk” band has to offer to your ears and hearts. Other bangers include “Dancing In Your Basement” which leans a bit into early-emo and shoegaze sounds and “Hotel for Dogs” which features an allstar vocal delivery. Enjoy the attitude, get lost in their sound:

Looking for more punk? Here you go…

Written by Ryan Cassata

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