Marcus Valance Shares the Story for his Song “Yesterday”

Writing ‘Yesterday’ came relatively easy to me. I’ve always found that writing from the heart, an honest account of a personal real life event, is the most powerful and simple way to write a song. 

I was working in Africa in January this year. – I’m also a documentary photographer for an international communications company. While I was there I heard my father had become very ill and so took the next flight back to the UK to see him one last time as it was looking inevitable that he didn’t have long to live. Unfortunately when I landed from that flight I received a call to say he had passed just a few hours before. 

’Yesterday’ tells the story of this situation but also explores the darker side of my relationship with my father. –‘You know in dreams an hour seems so long. And now it seems I get to see you more.’ – This lyric reflects the sadness of his absence in my life while he was alive while the verses tell a step by step account of the events surrounding his passing.

The decison to release ‘Yesterday’ was a difficult one being such a personal subject but I decided eventually to release as felt it could help others open up about their own grief. These situations are inevitable for us all but talking about it isn’t always easy. Being able to organise the myriads of thoughts that go through your head at a time like this needs stability and a simplicity to help steer you in a sane manner through a completely and utterly insane situation.

‘Yesterday’ is available everywhere now.

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