Post-Hardcore Band Shallowdiver Releases “October Valentine”

“October Valentine” is Shallowdiver’s 3rd single off their upcoming EP out in December.

This post-hardcore banger showcases the bands heavier side with big ol’ catchy riffs, breakdowns and screams while also creating space for the bands melodic pop sensibilities in this raging chorus.

Pulling inspiration from various artists that have influenced them in their tweens including Taking Back Sunday, Linkin Park, Silverstein the band has created a unique blend that spans across the emo-active rock-hardcore-metal stratosphere and will surely have you opening up the f**king pit in your bedroom.

If you like a sad song that will also make you feel angsty and ready to rage, this one is for you!

The song begins with the perfect guitar riff and heavy percussion. Once we get into the first verse, the vocal delivery and lyrics have us hooked. The combination of vocal melodies and screaming vocal delivery makes for quite an energetic and fun track. From start to finish, this track is a must listen. It has an addictive chorus and the energy we all need, so go give it a listen!

Be sure to stream “October Valentine” by Shallowdiver on all platforms now, and follow them on social media below!

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Written By: Bryce Quartz


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