October Playlist Finds With Tracks by Dearly Beloved, Multi Ultra, Kass Rose Gold, and more.

“The One” by Bakerzdosen

I dig the intro of this track, the bassline and synth really set the vibe. The lyrics tell the story of a relationship that fell apart and the regret that follows. The commercial production reminds me of the house music you’d hear at a club in Vegas. The upbeat energy and the contrast of the lyrical content make “The One” unique. The production is polished well and sounds like it came right off the radio. Listen to “The One” on Spotify.

“The Ballad of Marcus & Maria” by Dearly Beloved

In the spirit of WWWYF, this pop punk release from Dearly Beloved deserves an honorable mention in the Playlist Finds this month! It starts strong with everyone’s favorite thing about pop punk- the iconic electric guitar riff. The vocal delivery is tight, catchy, and smoothly mixed. I can’t get enough of the vocal tone, it’s very classic 2000’s punk rock. “The Ballad of Marcus & Maria” reminds me of a killer All Time Low track, listen on Spotify and SoundCloud.

“Yes or No” by Multi Ultra

Multi Ultra’s vocals remind me a bit of the Arctic Monkeys in this track. The overall indie rock vibe, with a bit of grunge thrown in really comes through. “Yes or No” is high energy song with plenty of melodic hooks to get stuck in your head. I like the instrumental breaks with the added synth. This would be a great live track to see at a festival. Listen on Spotify.

“Inevitable” by Kass Rose Gold

“Inevitable” is another track that would be a great addition to your house music playlist. The vocals are super catchy and will make you want to get out on the dance floor! The music video is professionally edited with effects that accentuate the beat and feel of the track. It’s inevitable with a song like this, Kass Rose Gold will be on your radios in no time. The energy of this track reminds me of the club scene in Cabo! Listen on Spotify or watch the official video on YouTube.

“Body Language” by Chad Rubin

“Body Language” by Chad Rubin will be your new favorite song. I love the piano, it instantly pulls you in. Once the beat and vocals come in, the vibe switches. The vocal delivery and mixing reminds me of Gym Class Heroes, “Cupid’s Chokehold” era. The vocal melody is super catchy, “Body Language” is the perfect party song for any occasion. Listen on Spotify.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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