BADTALKERS x Benjamin Carter LIKE IT LOUD [Video Premiere]

BADTALKERS have collaborated with Benjamin Carter for a track that is bursting with high energy. The track is titled “I Like It Loud” which is quite fitting for the title because the song features enormous instrumentation that cannot be ignored. They have vocals filled with angst and a sense of urgency. They have the distorted guitars and pounding drums. This is a song that will bring up the mood!

The music video is fun and full of uplifting energy. The artists’ spirits are contagious as they go about their day with a camera following them. The film style comes across as authentic to the artists style. The music video features tons of cool skateboarding videos and beautiful classic cars. The song fuses many different genres, including rock, grunge and hip-hop. The song personally reminds me most of The Beastie Boys classic and unique sound.

We as a human race in America are polarized, and our leaders are united in keeping the middle and lower class down. Politicians are out of touch with the communities they claim to serve.The wealthy class has a firm boot on the soft neck of the ruling class with no plans to vacate. Stop the car. We want out. Burn it all, or at least listen to us scream about it.


For me, the verse is talking about my relationship with money and affirmation and validation. Finally, coming into my own skin. Feeling confident and not looking for others’ approval. This is our first collaboration together. We have mutual friends in the music scene, and we reached out via Instagram DM, asking Benjamin if he wanted to feature on any of our new songs. He chose “I Like It Loud” due to the pacing, dynamics, and mood of the track, and we’ve been homies ever since. The message we want for listeners to take away is that silence does nothing. We must come together as a collective group to influence change we’d like to see in the world.

– Benjamin Carter

“A song about burning the system down. Standing up for the middle and lower class, the underrepresented and minorities.”

– BADTALKERS x Benjamin Carter

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