Melbourne Singer-songwriter Romanie Shares Anthony, A Song About Dementia

Romanie has a great new song titled “Anthony.” The song is complete with story-telling lyrics that are thought-provoking and delivered with tons of emotion. This Melbourne based singer-songwriter and vocalist has immense talent, journeying through the melodies smoothly and confidently throughout the track, creating a melody that is out of the box, challenging the listeners norm. The chorus section of the song is catchy, moving the listener to wanting to know more of Romanie’s story and what’s behind this epic song. The track leaves us all thinking about Anthony. Who is he and where did he go?

Luckily, you don’t have to wonder much longer. Romanie clues us in, letting us know: “Anthony was written after watching the movie ‘The Father’ starring Anthony Hopkins. A story and song about dementia.” Romanie is unfortunately personally familiar with dementia, as she lost her grandfather who suffered from the disease.

“I remember coming home from the cinema late at night and getting this wave of inspiration. I sat down with my guitar and wrote the song almost completely in one go. We were still in and out of lockdowns and I was chatting on Zoom with my friends from overseas Michiel and Kate who encouraged me to finish the song. The first band rehearsal back, we played Anthony through and it felt like magic to make this song into something bigger with my band, so much fun.”

Romanie is currently based in Melbourne. Listen to her song Anthony now:

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