Cam Blair is a Queens Hip Hop Artist You Must Hear

Cam Blair delivers a strong rap game on his newest single “Benet.” This song is definitely one that New York hip hop can be proud of. Cam Blair’s rap flow is impeccable throughout the track, he showcases his incredible annunciation and rhyming skills. From start to finish he stuns listeners with his smooth style and lyrical brilliance. He raps openly and honestly about losing control and entering into a mindset of regret after losing his relationship due to slipping back into his old ways. This song is a masterpiece featuring a retro style beat that contains a soulful vocal repeat. “Benet” serves as a confessional. It’s about admitting to past mistakes with hopes for change. Cam Blair is based in Jamaica, Queens, NY not far from the birth place of Hip Hop.

Enjoy the track now on Spotify:

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