Jake Knox Opens Up About Depression on “Jake Is Dead (Head Underwater)”

Jake Knox is a rising musician with a new song called “Jake Is Dead (Head Underwater)” that features amazing electric guitars and a catchy melody reminiscent of Sublime. The lyrics serve as a powerful reflection on what it feels like to experience a depressive episode. With a driving beat, haunting guitar riffs, and raw lyrics, the song captures the emotional intensity and pain that comes with depression. However, despite the intense emotions that the song portrays, there is also a message of hope and encouragement.

Jake Knox opens up about the song saying: “Jake is Dead is a song I wrote at one of the lowest parts of my life. I was sitting on the side of the road in the middle of one of the biggest depressive spirals in my life. Everything seemed to fall apart, and I felt like I was faced with two choices. One darker choice, and one choice to go and try and write my thoughts in a song. Writing the song was the option that saved my life. I completed the song that night. That being said, Jake is Dead is the title track off of my upcoming album. The song is about where we go when dealing with lower than low thoughts that might lead to bad decisions. It is just a snapshot of my story in the middle of it, but hopes to serve as a companion to others going through the same thing. It is one of the most personal songs I have written, and is a great peak into what the rest of the album has in store.”


In a world where mental health is still stigmatized, “Jake Is Dead (Head Underwater)” is an important reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and that there is always a reason to hold on and keep going. The song is a testament to the power of music to not only provide comfort and solace, but also to help raise awareness about important issues like mental health.

Prior to his solo work, Knox toured and wrote with Bipolar Sunshine, creating the popular song “Tears” which garnered over 2 million streams. Knox then partnered with J.Patt from The Knocks to produce his second album, “Breaking up with Dreams,” which included successful singles like “Better Parts” and “Changes (ft. Bipolar Sunshine).” He cites his top influences as Modern baseball, Token, and The Desendents.

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