Red Marker Releases Debut Album, featuring “Slip”

Red Marker’s new song “Slip” is an electrifying new release that showcases the band’s unique blend of punk and emo influences. With a captivating sound that draws listeners in from the first note, “Slip” is a standout hit that will leave a lasting impression.

When the melodic guitar riffs kick in, it’s clear that Red Marker offers something unique. The band’s sound is infectious and alluring, drawing on the best elements of early emo and punk rock to create a fresh and familiar sound. The guitar work is impressive, with dynamic riffs that ebb and flow in perfect time with the beat. The vocals are delivered with a sense of urgency and emotion, pulling the listener in and holding them captive until the end.

“The album overall has been inspired by what we face going through life. We write about those times where we want to scream how happy we are. Other times we have to use music to heal the pain life throws our way.” – Red Marker

“As for bands we’re inspired by, we have such a deep love for an eclectic range of records. We’ll play Beatles covers, but party to Pantera records. We talk about pop punk songs that inspire our writing and then go to death metal shows together. I think all of the music we listen to has made itself known in all of the songs we write. Like how we really let our love for old school country come out in the beginning of our song, Hey Katie.” – Red Marker 
Listen to Red Marker’s debut album on Spotify now:

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