Jesse Blake Rundle Expresses his Journey with Sexuality & Sobriety on Incredible New LP

Jesse Blake Rundle, a singer-songwriter hailing from Boise, Idaho, has recently unveiled his second LP, “Next Town’s Trees.” The record boasts a compelling blend of indie-folk and pop-rock tracks that integrate electronic elements, such as synths and drum machines, appealing to a broad range of listeners. Rundle’s 8-song album is a heartfelt exploration of his emotional core, documenting his journey of spiritual transformation and personal growth that began after coming out as LGBTQ and achieving sobriety. He began writing the songs that make up this record in 2020.

Of particular note is the standout track “Fools & Ghosts,” which features Rundle’s vocals delivered with a self-assured and drifting style that captivates the listener’s attention. The writing on the album is remarkable, taking many unexpected turns and transitioning smoothly between each unique section. Overall, the record excels both lyrically and musically, distinguishing itself as an exceptional offering in the industry.

“I started writing this record at the end of 2020 when it was cold and dark here in Boise. I had recently come out and started dating men so I was full of feelings. It was one of those fruitful times where the songs just kept coming out of me – I was writing new songs almost every day. In spring 2021, a bunch of songwriter friends spent a week at a cabin in Washington and that’s where the album started to take shape as a complete project. Then I spent about a year in and out of the studio to get it all tracked, mixed, and mastered.” – Jesse Blake Rundle
My favorite song is really the title track, “Next Town’s Trees”. That one really captures the emotions of that time – a mix of anger at the past, but also resolve to move forward and hope for the future. It also really stretched me on the production side as I was experimenting with a synth led song with modular drums driving the rhythm. I love how it turned out and want to keep exploring those tones and textures in future projects. – Jesse Blake Rundle
Enjoy the record on Spotify now:

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