Noah and the Loners have Songs for the Revolution

The U.K. punk band, Noah and the Loners, have released a revolutionary track titled “Protest Anger.” Despite their young age, this band presents a mature sound, with a blend of classic and modern punk rock. The chorus vocals are complemented by a heavy bass line, creating an intense and high-energy anthem. Throughout the entire song, the band’s energy and angst remain palpable.

Noah and the Loners’ music reflects lead singer Noah’s personal experiences, with a focus on teenage love and the struggles of being a transgender man. Additionally, his lyrics touch on broader societal issues, such as fighting against racism, corruption, and oppression. It is worth noting that Noah is the youngest artist ever to sign with Marshall Records.

For me personally, it’s exciting to see new trans masc fronted bands creating protest music for the trans revolution!

Enjoy Noah and the Loners on Spotify:

written by Ryan Cassata

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