Who is the girl with the Paper Clip Earring? (Frenzy, CAKE, Bob Dylan)

Frenzy is a band from Bedford, U.K. that is quickly gaining attention with their new song “Paper Clip Earring”. This track is a masterful blend of sounds from different eras, with influences ranging from CAKE and The Sex Pistols to Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”.

The song is a perfect blend of classic and modern rock elements, with a production style that evokes memories of the classic rock era. The guitar work is intricate and catchy, while the drums keep a driving beat that is sure to get listeners tapping their feet. The vocal styling of “Paper Clip Earring” are particularly noteworthy. The vocals are delivered with a raw energy and talk-style singing that sounds inspired by CAKE’s Short Skirt / Long Jacket and Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, while the music has a punk rock edge that is reminiscent of The Sex Pistols. The end result is a track that is both edgy and accessible, with a sound that will appeal to fans of multiple genres.

The song is inspired by a recent art photography session of one of the bandmates friends. The band says:

“The song is about a friend of the bands who was photographed in style of the painting the Girl With a Pearl Earring. Instead of a pearl earring, she was wearing a paper clip, and we thought it would be cool to tell a story about this character.” – Frenzy

All three songs mentioned can make a great playlist, listen to them now:

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