Blues Band Who Met Working at Guitar Center in San Francisco, Release New Song

Last Planet is a bluesy duo that is taking the world by storm with their latest release, “Whiskey Breath”. Featuring sexy guitar riffs, laid back vocals, and an immense blues swagger, Last Planet is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Formed by two musicians who worked at Guitar Center in San Francisco, Last Planet is a true grassroots success story. The band is still based in the Bay Area and currently has six members, all of whom bring their own unique talents and influences to the table.

What sets Last Planet apart from other blues-inspired bands is their ability to blend traditional blues elements with modern influences. Their music is at once both classic and fresh, and their sound has an undeniable authenticity that can only come from a deep love and respect for the genre.

“Whiskey Breath”, the duo’s latest release, is a prime example of their unique blend of old and new. The track is built around a gritty guitar riff that is instantly recognizable as a classic blues lick. However, Last Planet takes this riff and gives it a modern twist, adding layers of distortion and effects that create a sound that is at once both timeless and contemporary. The vocals on “Whiskey Breath” are delivered with a laid back swagger that perfectly complements the bluesy guitar work.

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