TWINFLAME’s Debut Single “I’M NOT HIM” Brings Pop Punk Energy and More!

This debut single from TWINFLAME brings all the energy from pop rock, queercore, and pop punk music styles to the table!

Drenched in boyband sensibility, with music as political as it is smutty, meet TWINFLAME—the emerging New York City duo marrying pop and queercore, with an undeniable assertion of LGBTQ+ camaraderie.

Having spent the past few years being closely mentored by Le Tigre’s JD Samson, members Grayson Ellis (they/them) and Ray Cunningham (he/they) have meticulously designed a world they dare listeners to enter, in which queerness reigns, and the taboo is always invited to the party.

Their March 3rd debut features two singles that aim to represent the breadth of the queer experience; first “Lunatic”, a classic pop love song with both catchy and punk flavors, followed up with “I’M NOT HIM”, a hedonistic and dark rock anthem that narrates the adversity that comes along with fully embracing your life as a queer person.

Once I first listened to “I’M NOT HIM,” I could sense something special. The energy immediately captures you, with the production and vocals leading the way with catchy vocal melodies and lyrics right off the bat. The verses carry a lighthearted melodic vocal delivery with heavy pop punk elements that linger in your head with the catchy lyrics and vocal melodies. The hook alone really sticks with you after the first line by itself, carrying the energy from the verses eloquently and steadily throughout the entire song. I really loved the energy behind this whole track and can’t wait to hear more from them soon.

Be sure to stream TWINFLAME’s latest singles “Lunatic” and “I’M NOT HIM” on all streaming platforms now, and follow them on social media below!


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Written By: Bryce Quartz

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