Enjoy the Acoustic Sounds of Melyssa Lee on a Lyrical Journey Through the Circle of Life

Canadian singer-songwriter Melyssa Lee has released her acoustic EP “simply (acoustic compilation).” The EP follows the circle of life; birth, love, and death with honest lyrics and soulful melodies. The EP fuses the genres of folk, Americana, and traditional acoustic music.

“My Guarantee” is a great introduction song for the EP and to the sound of Melyssa Lee. Her soft croon blends perfectly with her softly strummed acoustic guitar to bleed emotion through the speakers and pull the listener in. This is an acoustic ballad that will really hit an emotional nerve. The title track “Simply” is a piano driven ballad with a rock-musical theatre sounding vocal melody. The lyrics go very deep on this song and keep the listener interested in Melyssa Lee’s romantic storytelling. The rawness of just piano and vocals allows the listener fo fully take in all the great lyrics throughout the song.

We return to acoustic guitar for “Learning to Love.” This song is softly finger-picked and features a warm sounding acoustic guitar tone. The vocal styling is reminiscent of Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson. The lyrics are bittersweet, they are extremely raw and honest, about continuing to learn your partner through the passing years and through all of the changes that life has to offer.

My personal favorite song on the record is “Laughter and Roses.” This song is a sweet acoustic ballad with a catchy chorus melody and sweet lyrics. It shares the reality of long term romantic relationships, painting an authentic portrayal of love instead of a Hollywood-movie fantasy.

The closing tracks on the record are “Sunflower” and “Last Words.” “Sunflower” has the most complex acoustic guitar performance and a somber sounding vocal melody that stands out compared to the rest of the songs on the EP. This song shows another side of Lee’s songwriting and vocal abilities. She sings about the fears of losing the relationship and love. The last track is a finale with a bit quicker of a pacing and lyrics about angels saying their goodbyes.

Melyssa Lee cites her vocal influences as KT Tunstall, Chryssie Hynde and Ingrid Michaelson. A fully produced album is on the way plus another single will come out this summer so be sure to stay tuned. For more information on MELYSSA LEE and her music, follow her on social media or visit her website at http://www.melyssaleemusic.com. 

Listen to this awesome acoustic EP on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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