Subterramericana: An Emotional Journey with Miles Before Sleep’s EP

Dive in to the incredible artistry of singer-songwriter Miles Before Sleep (the stage name of Tim Segado’s solo project), with his new EP record, Subterramericana. Track 1 “Intent to Lament” serves as an introduction to let the audience know that emotions will be expressed throughout the record. Things will get deep. If you’re ready to take the dive then continue listening. The song transitions perfectly into track 2, titled “Poison the Well.” The seamless transition leads to the introduction of Miles Before Sleep’s vocal style, lyrics, and tone. Vocally, we hear a unique voice that blends different genres. Elements of early emo, folk rock, and Americana could be heard in the tone and delivery style. This song is about a strained relationship with a family member. The lyrics are a process of the feelings and a self-empowering moment for Miles Before Sleep. The song is complete with a catchy hook.

The acoustic guitar takes the wheel for “Peaks/Valleys.” This slow acoustic ballad is one of the most beautiful moments on the record. The slow delivered vocals are shimmering in blissful harmonies that will convince any listener of the immense talent of Miles Before Sleep. Soft percussion comes in around the one-minute mark, being careful not to take away from the lyrics and vocal melody. The singer describes the inspiration of this track to be the “10-year anniversary hike with my wife to the top of Mt Greylock in the Berkshires.” Mt. Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. The slow pacing is perfect for the mid-section of this EP.

The pace picks up for the next track “Dark Forces Arise!”  My favorite element in this track is the guitar solo and its tone. It’s a nice surprise the lifts the sound of the music. Miles Before Sleep says this track is about “struggling with the creative process. Starting to write something and getting really excited about it, but then letting the judgements of others creep in.”

The finale of Subterramericana is a grand piano ballad with heavy drums titled “When Will Be the Last Time?” Heavy bass joins in with the vocals around the one-minute mark. This song has a dark energy to it, but it is a reminder to not take life for granted, to live in the moment, and cherish all moments big and small. Miles Before Sleep says “After a moment with my daughter, and an intrusive thought of “When will be the last time that I experience this kind of moment with her” for any reason, I then began thinking of the parallels between that, and the loss of my grandmother late in her life.”

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“These songs stand out to me amongst all of the songs that I’ve written, in that lyrically they all came together fairly quickly. Two of these songs were byproducts of a School of Song course that I took with Robin Pecknold. These songs explore different aspects of relationships: the romantic ones, those with our parents, those with our children, and the one we have with our creative selves. Stylistically, I typically start my songs in more of a folk style, and then branch out sonically as I build the song part by part in my studio. The name “Subterramericana” came from my struggle to describe my sound with a genre, and fighting the ever present imposter syndrome. With these folk-adjacent songs being made in my basement studio, the “subterranean” addition to the americana genre felt like it gave the album the left of center feel that was appropriate for the mix of styles.” – Miles Before Sleep

Written by Ryan Cassata

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