Deadman Cyph is a 17 year old emerging rap and hip hop artist from Long Island, New York. His talent stretches far beyond his years. He has 21 tracks up on his soundcloud account, including “Blue Lights.” His single Blue Lights has over 18,000 well-deserved plays on soundcloud and 11,000 video hits on youtube. The subject matter of the song tackles systematic racism and violence from police officers, the music video includes video footage from the police attacks in Ferguson. We got a chance to sit down with Deadman Cyph and discuss his music.

RTP: What inspires your music?

DC: I’m inspired by everything that’s surrounds me and that I live in a daily basis. My life, my childhood, my pain. Everything. It’s funny tho because I can’t really write music when I’m happy. My music is driven by pain in a odd way. I think that’s because that’s were it all started. I started music to get out my pain so it’s always been like that.


RTP: What inspired “Blue Lights”?

DC: Blue Lights started when I was going through a real rough time. This was also when there was a bunch of riots going on due to frequent police shootings. I felt so alone. I didn’t feel save home and even outside my own neighborhood. So much stuff was going on around me. Bills were piling up, parents divorcing, just so much. That’s how Blue lights started. Through loneliness.

RTP: When did you start writing lyrics?

DC: I first started writing in 9th grade. I was into poetry so I decided to pick up pen and get out how I was feelings even if people didn’t understood since I wrote in a odd way.

RTP: What are your biggest inspirations?

DC: My biggest inspirations are the people that surround me. Everyone that influenced my life good and bad. Life and is plentiful stories is what inspires me.


RTP: When did you realize that this is what you wanted to do?

DC:  I realized like around when I was in 10th grade. I started branding myself and really talking time to investing into myself and branding.

RTP: What did you grow up listening to?

DC: I grew up listening to to all types of artist from Nirvana, Corrinne Bailey Rea, Biggie, Kanye West, Soley, Daughters. Just everyone.

His new project will debut next year, it’s called “Only Truth Survives.”

Deadman Cyph says in the description of the youtube music video “Special Thanks Goes Out To Bay Shore and the Whole Long Island
** Special thanks also to the Whole Manifest Team And everyone help bring this vision to life ! I Thank Y’all So Much! Also Thanks Tony For Always supporting me , I appreciate it more then you will ever know !”

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