Arik Dov records album in just 6 hours

Arik Dov is an indie folk singer-songwriter from San Francisco, California who recently visited Munich to record and mix a record in less than 6 hours. The record is called “Sorry Not For Speaking.” It’s absolutely amazing that this incredibly beautiful record was recorded and mixed in just 6 hours. Arik Dov is pure talent – guitar playing, lyrics, vocals, and all.


“Arik Dov’s debut acoustic album. A blend of Folk, Rock, Soul and Pop telling stories of love, dreams, and heartbreak, with melodies and emotions that will stay in your head and heart. Recorded and mixed in under 6 hours in Munich, Germany.”

Arik says “I’m finishing up a tour of Europe — couch surfing, busking, and gigging wherever I can — it’s been a trip. …I plan on staying independent till I die.”

Get this record on bandcamp!

Here’s a video of Arik performing on the streets of Munich. We really dig the style of this video and the song:

“This coffee ain’t enough…” 

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