Ryan Berg Brings Soulful Vocals & Bluesy Guitars to Listeners

Dallas-based song master, Ryan Berg combines soulful electric guitar riffs with a soothing lead vocal in new single “Backseats & Concrete.” The song is both soulful and bluesy, with a very calming but convincing lead vocal that sometimes gets tastefully raspy. Ryan captures the guitar style of Stevie Ray Vaughn and the vocal style of Ray LaMontagne. This song feels fresh and new. It blends with classic rock but it will also fit in with any new singer-songwriter tracks as well. The song is a bit long at over 5 minutes, but it keeps listeners ears captivated for the entire length of the song which is very impressive. This track is part of Ryan Berg’s album called “The Velvet Ears.“

You can jam the track and the rest of the album on Spotify by clicking here.


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