Brooklyn Singer-Songwriter has Perfect Pitch and Releases Perfect Pop Anthem

Joe Wood, based in Brooklyn, New York, has perfect pitch, and is self taught on both piano and guitar. It seems like he was born a talented songwriter. While we listen to his new single “Had Enough”, released less than a month ago it is clear that he knows how to craft the perfect pop song with a very hooky melodic vocal line and catchy synth lines to amp up the production of the song. The song has an old school video game vibe to it as it begins but turns into something more pop throughout the first few seconds. The vocals at the end remind us of a pop punk anthem. The way he mixes genres is very impressive and it works very well for him as a singer-songwriter. The song is very upbeat and we could picture it being a summer smash!

You can stream it on Spotify:

Catch up with Joe via instagram:


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