Fakear Released New Banger Today!

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Fakear just released EDM banger titled “Lost In Time” today! It’s a collaboration between Fakear, Polo & Pan, Noraa, and Clement Bazin who are based in France. The vocals are surprisingly soulful and unlike most EDM songs, you can feel the emotions behind the lyrics. The production of the song explores and touches many different genres, sometimes even slightly. You hear some soul, you hear some 80’s pop, you hear some modern pop, you hear some Caribbean flavors through some of the synth sounds, and you hear that modern EDM sound that gets everyone feeling good. The track feels amazing on the ears and makes your body move.

Noraa who is featured on the track says this: “To be ‘Lost in Time’ means to feel no obligation and to only go with the flow,”

The track just dropped today on Spotify and you can stream it there:

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