Lauran Hibberd’s New Indie Pop Banger


“Fun Like This“ just came out today! It’s a new indie pop-rock anthem by talented singer-songwriter Lauran Hibberd. The way she plays with words to make a catchy but unique melody is quite inspiring and definitely catches the ear of all who listen. It brings the song to another level. The production of the song brings it all home as the guitars feel bright and the drums feel fresh and vocal sits right on top flawlessly.

Lauran Hibberd is only 20 years old and is based in the Isle of Wight.

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A quote from Lauran:

“I feel like there is something really raw about it – particularly production wise. I feel like there’s a newfound drive and confidence in it. The song for me definitely reflects on being a bit of an outsider, and traditionally not enjoying the other things twenty-year-olds do (whatever that may be). I kind of find a happier place in it also, I think we all often try to fit in with whoever is around us at the time and for me this track is just a big fat “NO THANKS” to that.”

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