Candythief Skillfully Recreate Traditional Song “St. James Infirmary Blues”

Candythief is a folk band based in the UK led by Diana de Cabarrus. Recently Candythief has released a gorgeous rendition of a traditional folk song called “St. James Infirmary Blues.” The track was skillfully rearranged to be a bit more modern sounding but the melody brings listeners back to an old time feel. Vibrant electric guitar tracks were written and added which follow and compliment the original vocal melody. The guitar and percussion really spice the song up! This is a great rendition of the classic song that we highly recommend!

You can hear Candythief’s version of the song here:

We searched YouTube for the original song but the origin is not clear because it’s so old. Louis Armstrong did a rendition that was quite successful and maybe the most famous version to date. We also found this version by Cab Calloway:

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