Me Not You On “Chemical Cure”

New York Based garage-pop band Me Not You came out with their 6 song EP today titled “Reckoning 2.” It follows their successful EP titled “Reckoning 1.” They have done a US/Canada tour that was completely sold out. They have had tons of success from placements in official Spotify playlists including “Chill Playlist” and have gathered over 80,000 monthly listeners. It’s quite impressive but it’s not shocking because the sound of the band is very unique and filled with emotion. We had a chance to hear the song “Chemical Cure.” The beat of the song pulses like a heart and feels complete with a cleverly catchy chorus repeated throughout it. The track has atmospheric synth sounds laid in it as well as lead synth lines that lift the track up even more. Give this incredible song a listen on Spotify and check out the rest of the EP too:

A quote from the band about the song: “we wrote ‘chemical cure’ on a particular bad day for our country and our world recently. it seems that there are quite a few of these lately. the song is about waking up every day and having to face what’s going on out there in there world. it’s about wanting to, and also not wanting to, lean on chemicals to deal with the ups and downs of life. chemicals from the outside and those pesky neurotransmitters our brain makes. the rise of the morning, the hope, and then the apathy that can set in by nighttime… but also sometimes finding inspiration and promise in the gaps of what’s left, what’s in between.”

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