RIVVRS is out w/ an Explosive Track “Let It Die”


You will feel stunned from the first note out of RIVVRS mouth. It’s an explosion of bluesy and soulful Americana. Brandon Zahursky is the man behind RIVVRS and has a new compelling release titled “Let It Die.” The single is exciting from start to finish, it’s dripping with pure emotion. It’s the type of song that rocks your body so hard you’ll have to hear it again right when it’s over. RIVVRS vocal is so strong and soulful that it’s impossible to not be into this song. The Northern California native has had incredible success with song placements in TV & film and has also seen much success on Spotify with over 12 million streams. We completely understand why – he’s a lyrical genius with a voice that will quickly win anyone over. His full length album “Cosmic Dream” will drop in Fall of 2018. For now you have a taste of it with “Let It Die.”

Hear it on SouldCloud:

Hear it on Spotify:

Social Media:


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