Peter Wise Teams Up w/ Tiger Darrow For Soulful Love Song “Can’t Do It Alone”


Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Peter Wise is out with his new song “Can’t Do It Alone.” It’s complete with a gorgeous vocal that you will be dying to sing along to. Tiger Darrow comes in on the second verse with a beautiful vocal. Peter and Tiger’s soulful voices really mesh well together and compliment each other to create a piece that is quite compelling. The song is a stunning duet of a couple admitting their love and attraction for each other. They seem to be confessing how much they need each other. You can feel both singers pulling on one another throughout the track, which makes the song even more of a joy to listen to. We are really excited to hear the full length album!

His full album titled “Unattached” will be out on May 4th, 2018!

For now jam “Can’t Do It Alone” here:


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