Hotel Mira’s ‘Baby’ Is Fast, Clean Punky Indie Rock

6 13 18 Hotel MiraHotel Mira’s ‘Baby’ is fast, clear yet sonically thin indie rock with a distinct post-punk flair. This is “the latest project fronted by JPNSGRLS mastermind Charlie Kerr.” Along with “his new bandmates—guitarist Colton Lauro and bassist Mike Noble,” Kerr has, “taken [the group’s] sound out of the garage and into a considerably lusher musical landscape.” The new material was produced by Dave Schiffman who has worked with HAIM and Vampire Weekend, so it’s no wonder the recording, mixing and mastering on here are top notch. Kerr says this, “is a song I wrote, with the help of Alexis from Youngblood, about coming to the realization that you can love someone very much but may not have it in you to take care of them. After feeling outcasted,” he says, “it is natural to want to rescue someone from the same abandoned feeling you felt.” This is a quality rock track from a band with a lot of potential. Check out ‘Baby’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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