Artist of the Day: Joe Garvey on “What Your Time Is Worth” & Inspirations (Exclusive Interview)

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Joe Garvey is a fantastically talented singer-songwriter hailing from London! We got a chance to hear his debut song “What Your Time Is Worth.”  This is a song that combines pop and funk in a unique way bringing a fresh sound to the music scene. The song is both feel-good in it’s groove and empowering in it’s lyrics. The most impressive part of this song is the Joe’s vocal range and the funky guitar playing. The songwriting is 10/10 – Joe has created an excellent sing-a-long song. We we’re lucky enough to ask Joe some questions about his art and we think you’ll really gain some insight from his answers…

RTP: When did you start writing music and how old are you now?

JG: I started writing music at age 18 and I’m 29 now.

RTP: How long did it take you to write “What Your Time Is Worth” and what is the song about?

JG: It took about 2 hours. The song is about making the most of your time – it’s about realising how valuable it is, and that we all have very little of it. I got the idea when talking to a friend who used the phrase ‘what your time is worth’ in reference to a job they were doing, and it struck me as a great title – i then just extrapolated on the idea. The verses talk about working in crap jobs/staying in bad relationships/complaining that things aren’t going your way – these are all things I’ve done, and when i look back i realise that there’s just no time to do those things.

RTP: What’s your favorite thing about this song?

JG: My favourite thing is the positivity. My new EP is not all this cheerful, and i usually find it harder to write about happier subjects and more generalised ones like this – my songwriting is usually more confessional.

RTP: That makes sense! Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

JG: My inspirations are Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Nile Rodgers and Radiohead.

RTP: We can definitely hear the Michael Jackson influence in your music. We also hear some Justin Timberlake. What are your goals as a musician?

JG: My goal is to make music that people can relate to, and that can generate any kind of feeling/emotion. Doing that and seeing it pay off live is the ultimate reward.

The full EP titled “Cold” will come out later this year.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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