‘Feet to the Fire’ by LoFi Satelliets Is Groovy, Atmospheric Stoner Rock

7 31 18 LoFi Satellites‘Feet to the Fire’ by LoFi Satellites is some groovy atmospheric rock with a notable stoner sensibility. The band “blinked into existence as a four piece rock band,” they say, “with a penchant for otherworldly, psychedelic audio transmissions.” They define their sound as revolving “around gritty melodies, controlled feedback squeals, pulsating bass and a thundering drumbeat.” These guys definitely have a good handle on creating groove – the bass and the percussion on here are really tight. On top of that, their heady, fuzzy melodic work is dynamic and a lot of fun. Clearly, the group takes some cues from stoner metal heavyweights like Sleep or Kyuss, but at the same time it seems like there’s an appreciation for earlier takes on psychedelic rock as well. This band really has it together. Check out ‘Feet to the Fire’ below!





Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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