“‘Eleven Days’, An Intimate New Single by Singer/Songwriter Max Frost”

The intimate single “Eleven Days”, by singer/songwriter Max Frost, opens up with somber piano chords, setting the overall tone for the song. This is the most recent single off his debut album “Gold Rush” which is set to be released on October 5th. The chord progressions feel blue, reinforcing the loneliness felt in the lyrics, while the other instrumentation builds upon its foundation leading up to the chorus. A subtle synth layer emphasizes the vocal melodies of the main hook. Frost sings about getting on a plane and hoping to forget his heartbreak, only to realize he can’t, “Escape this fucked up feeling.”. This song paints a relatable picture of loneliness and the feeling of wanting to run away and forget our problems. While the track surely makes you ruminate on love lost, it’s catchy melodies and bluesy chord progressions make this soulful song worth checking out.


More info: https://www.facebook.com/maxfrostmusic/

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Written by Jordanna Felice of Eithermore

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