You’ll Fall in Love with Transviolet at First Listen

With nearly half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, Transviolet is building a dedicated following rather quickly. It’s no surprise when you dig into the music and let it consume your ears. This indie pop band has a unique sound that can be heard on their new track “Undo.” The production of the track “Undo” (released July 20th, 2018) is not overdone in the slightest and gives tons of space for Sarah McTaggart‘s vocals to truly shine. This room allows the lyrics to enter the hearts of listeners and leave a true mark. The songwriting is brilliant and combined with amazing production, this song is surely a hit.

You are sure to enjoy this one:

LA-based Transviolet has made appearances in The Today Show, MTV, Billboard and Rolling Stone. Valley EP will be out September 21 on BMG!

“Undo is my ‘fuck you, I’ll write whatever I want’ song” explains Sarah McTaggart. “I was so tired of trying to write an upbeat ‘radio hit’. I couldn’t take it anymore. I got home after a particularly bad writing session, sat down at the piano, and started writing something that was purely for my own sanity. I brought it to our friend/producer Ben Greenspan and the guys, and everyone added their magic. It’s one of my favorites to date.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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