Dirty Rugs Release a Raw Rock Song as Debut Single

DirtyRugs Group Shot.jpg

Dirty Rugs are Seattle’s rising modern day rock n’ roll band with tons of experience creating music that is full of feeling. Their new single “Glimpse” is their debut release as a band and it’s a strong leading single. The track is filled with a powerful sounding band wailing away and playing their heart out while complimenting each musician. You can hear the feeling behind every drum hit. Our favorite part of this song is the lead vocals as they are raw, throaty, and punk as hell! The sound of Dirty Rugs may remind listeners of Buck Cherry or Stone Temple Pilots. The band will tour late August and early September when their debut EP drops!

For now you can enjoy “Glimpse” which just dropped on August 3rd:

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“Dirty Rugs is a brand new project started by Cody Plaiss, Cody DeCant and identical twins, Josh and Ben Phelps.”

Written by Ryan Cassata

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