‘This World’ by Relative Ways Is Powerful Melodic Alt-Rock From the Australian Outback

8 9 18 Relative Ways‘This World’ by Relative Ways is powerful melodic alt-rock from the Australian outback. “Conceived in late 2014 by multi-instrumentalist Mat Finnemore,” they say, the band “began as a way to share short demos to friends and family.” After their first single ‘Pride’ garnered some air time and positive reviews, they “began working on what would become the debut album Alaska,” which they describe as being “written with a raw, honest and cathartic tone,” in search of “lyrical truths amongst driving guitars, pounding drums and a vocal urgency.” This song’s opening riff, which also serves as a prominent structural element for the rest of the piece, is really something else. It’s mysterious, yet not overly complex nature makes it a perfect backdrop for the second guitar to paint a picture over. As the band moves into their chorus, the full breadth of the group’s collective stored angst becomes clear. The best way to describe this song would have to be refined. The consummate production adds to that impression. These guys really have it together. Check out ‘This World’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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