Vocal Few Shares Strong Wanderlust Vibes in “To the Ocean”

Vocal Few’s new song “To the Ocean” starts off with a quick acoustic guitar strum that amps up the human spirit. The lead vocals are soothing but carry a powerful melody throughout the track that pleases the ears and will quickly get stuck in anyone’s head. The lyrics of the song talk about driving and traveling and having new exciting experiences and adventures along the highways of the United States. This song is the perfect road trip song for anyone that wants to live the wanderlust life style and grow with the road with the faith that the road always will bring them back where they are destined to be. Check out the feelgood music video below and dive into Vocal Few. This song may quickly inspire you to get in a car and travel for a while!

Our favorite lyric: “Every road eventually leads me back home.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata