Mt. Cleverest’s ‘Money’ Is Strong Aussie Indie with Deep Melodic Tendencies

8 9 18 Mt Cleverest.jpegMt. Cleverest’s ‘Money’ is some strong Aussie indie rock with deeply melodic tendencies. The band “formed in 2016,” they say, “and created their sound by fusing classic indie rock with hip-hop, playing as many live shows to perfect their sound.” They call this title track, “a rebellious head-banging rush with a deeper meaning. Social commentary never sounded so good,” they say. After some traditional, power-chord heavy garage rock style guitars to open the track, these whirring strings go into a very deeply compelling melodic overdrive. Under that, the rock solid rhythm section keeps the intense track in check. Over the whole band, a distinctly Australian take on lead vocals carries the whole piece. The sometimes muted and plainly spoken, sometimes crazed and screamed approach probably embodies the band’s hip-hop roots the most. These guys have a unique take on a popular sound. Check out ‘Money’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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