Make the Most of the “Sunshine” with Bjorn Rydhog

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If you’ve ever wondered what summer sounds like, look no further than “Sunshine” by Swedish singer/songwriter Bjorn Rydhog. The relaxing ambience of this chill pop song conjures images of picnics in the park while dogs and children play, drives down the coast, and snuggling up to loved ones around a campfire. “Sunshine” truly works for every different kind of summer event. The soft vocals are easy to fall into and sing along with, but the song also makes great accompaniment to a chorus of laughter. The use of the snare creates a softer drum sound that allows the other instruments to swell and inspire the listener to make the most of the sunshine. “Sunshine” is the first track off of Bjorn Rydhog’s recently released EP “There’s a Light In Everything.” Enjoy it on Spotify:

“Sunshine is a song inspired by summer, love, life and the struggle and challenge of meeting people with different perspectives. I hope you´ll enjoy it.” – Bjorn Rydhog

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Written by Skylar Bauer

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