Sex Farm’s ‘Don’t Even Try’ Is Angular Punk-Rooted Prog Rock

9 16 18 Sex FarmSex Farm’s ‘Don’t Even Try’ is an angular two-part progressive rock piece rooted in the world of punk. The group utilizes a relatively straightforward production technique, but the power of the band’s riffs really magnifies their sound. It’s not like this is lo-fi or anything, but the simple, unfrilly production values on here are refreshing. These guys seem to take a lot of cues from Dillinger Escape Plan. Obviously, this is nowhere near as chaotic or aggressive as those guys get, but the expressive way the two projects use off-kilter composition and the generally wonky vibes both maintain match up well. Another area Sex Farm seems to draw from is the more untethered, expansive corner of the post-hardcore world. Groups like The Blood Brothers, The Mars Volta and Glassjaw all peak their heads out on these two tracks – especially in regard to the vocal delivery. At the same time, the direct, sardonic tone of the track gives it a vaguely classic rock, maybe even bluesy feel. All in all, it could be described as a rolling prog-punk song with a thunderous tone. This is a strong track from a neat band. Check out ‘Don’t Even Try’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13


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