Young Rising Sons Release Two Catchy Anthems “Sad” and “Scatterbrain” as Spotify Listeners Soar

Young Rising Sons are out with two new catchy singles titled “Scatterbrain” and “SAD (Clap Your Hands).” Both songs have a unique vibe and fit well as Side A and Side B on a 45. After hearing both songs back to back you will feel amped up and ready for more great music from Young Rising Sons.

“SAD (Clap Your Hands)” is a catchy indie-rock song about being grateful while acknowledging the pains of existing in the world as a human. The song seems to give the message that it’s okay to feel sad and still have a good time because everyone is “a little sad.”

There’s a great music video for SAD (Clap Your Hands) on YouTube featuring lots of smiley faces and balloons:

“SAD (Clap Your Hands)” flows perfectly into their second single “Scatterbrain” which seems to be the stronger song of the two strong songs. “Scatterbrain” starts off with lyrics that talk about making out in a parked car, giving a little insight to every teenagers oddly-romantic dream. “Scatterbrain” has a retro feel to it while still feeling slightly pop-punk in it’s lyrical content and moving vocal melodies. This proves that Young Rising Sons have music that can appeal to just about anyone.


Young Rising Sons are based in Red Bank, New Jersey, not far from Bruce Springsteen’s hometown. Naturally, they have that anthemic stadium energy in their songwriting like the Boss and channel that into their recordings and live shows. Their energy and good songwriting skills have allowed them to tour nationally and open for the likes of Halsey, The 1975, & The Neighbourhood. They have even gathered an astonishing amount of monthly listeners on Spotify.

Listen to both songs here:

Written by singer-songwriter Ryan Cassata

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