‘Awakening’ by Spiral Skies Is Soaring, Intense Dio-Oriented Hard Rock

10 29 18 Spiral Skies.jpeg‘Awakening’ by Spiral Skies is soaring, high-energy seventies-style hard rock. The band says they have “created a sound based on the late seventies music scene.” Featuring “the charismatic singer Frida, an original musical image and a unique visual performance, the band gained a lot of interest with their debut album Blues for A Dying Planet.” Clearly, these guys are taking a lot of cues from Dio-era Black Sabbath as well as other Dio-fronted projects like Rainbow the eponymous Dio. In fact, their singer Frida could easily get away with calling herself the female Dio if she wanted to. The punishing guitar solos, pounding rhythm section and ravaging vocals all get tied together into the perfect little parcel. These guys bring a an intensity and energy that hasn’t been seen in a retro-oriented band like this in years. This is a really fun, engaging track from a promising project. Check out ‘Awakening’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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