Artist of the Day: Ryan Davies with Romantic and Convincing Song, “Beautiful Thing”


“I am quite introvert when it comes to my feeling, so writing music is my way of dealing with things that I find hard to talk about.”
– Ryan Davies

Ryan Davies is a rising singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom who has just released a new single titled “Beautiful Thing.” The talented artist sings utterly romantic and emotional lyrics that can convince just about any lover to stay by his side. Ryan Davies has a voice that is as smooth as honey with just enough soul and melody for the song to be a perfect fit for radio. The instrumentation and production of the track is just enough to let Ryan Davies voice and talented songwriting stay as the main attraction. Ryan Davies, who is signed to the Swiss label, The Hana Road, is currently writing his debut EP. For now you can enjoy “Beautiful Thing” with the great news that there is more to come from this lovable singer-songwriter soon…

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Written by Ryan Cassata