Caesar Nixon’s ‘Pleading Insanity on a Parking Ticket’ Is Lo-Fi Bedroom Emo

11 6 18 Caesar NixonCaesar Nixon’s ‘Pleading Insanity on a Parking Ticket’ is a glum, lo-fi bedroom project taking cues from the sadder realms of punk rock. This artist describes himself as a, “bedroom dream pop/emo project.” There’s something uniquely homey and almost amateurish – in an endearing way – about the track. The combination of the rolling,  repetitive yet complexly narrative acoustic guitar work that makes the impending drop into a distorted, cloudy dirge all the more surprising. For a lot of reasons, it seems like some clear lines can be drawn between this and other melancholy projects with DIY bedroom origins like Alex G, Salvia Palth or Armor For Sleep. This is kind of rough around the edges, but this artist has a lot of potential. With time he could make something really great. Check out ‘Pleading Insanity on a Parking Ticket’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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