Joynoise Drop a Punky 5- Song EP

“This is a high energy song that we love to play live because it gets people moving right off the bat. The song is about hitting a new low after taking too many substances in one night and having a self-reflecting moment, thinking to myself “what the fuck am I doing?” The chorus itself is the mentality of wanting to let loose and go wild, while the verses and outro reveal the aftermath.”
– Joynoise

On November 1st, the Orange County, California-based trio, Joynoise dropped a punky new 5 song EP titled “Never Have I Ever.” The standout track, “Pearl Mountain” is an energized punk rockabilly ode to taking too many substances at once and the oncoming regret that follows a night of debauchery. The vocals have an early punk vibe that is similar to bands like The Clash and The Dead Kennedy’s. Both the verses and chorus of the song are extremely catchy, laced with some hard-hitting callbacks. The guitar melody tops the song off to make it even catchier of a  track. Fresh off the new EP, Joynoise hit the stage and got the whole crowd moving for their release show on November 2nd. Be sure to follow them on social media so you don’t miss their next show, and stream their new EP on Spotify!

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Enjoy the EP on Spotify now:

Rock the Pigeon’s Favorite Lyrics from “Pearl Mountain:”
“Take me home / Take me home / Take me home / Take me away
Looking like a dull blade I’m afraid I’m just a cliche.”

Written by Joey (@witrukus)

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