Acharya’s ‘Tilt’ Is Tight, Angular NorCal Experimental Rock

11 7 18 Acharya.JPGAcharya’s ‘Tilt’ is some eclectic, layered and angular experimental rock music out of Northern California. “Josh Grayem on vocals and guitar and Daniel Blackburn on drums and percussion,” make up this duo. For them, “one of the biggest driving interests… is working with friends and influences.” There’s a sort of pleasant disjointedness to this track that could probably be attributed to its status as an agglomeration of different, independently arrived ideas and concepts. Everything on here, from the diverse guitar tones and clean vocals down to the rubbery bass lines and metronome-like percussion, is tight. There’s a progressive rock level of musicianship they bring to the table here which really allows their janky, offhandedly aggressive sound come together properly. Some lines could definitely be drawn to acts like Tool or Cynic, but at the same time the song is a little bit sparser and more reserved. This is an exceptional track from an extremely talented duo. Check out ‘Tilt’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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