Artist of the Day: Violet Skies with Anthemic Debut Single “Cry for Me”


Violet Skies is a proud independent artist from the U.K. who has just begun releasing music. She has recently put out her first song on Spotify titled “Cry for Me” which is undeniably a pop banger that is fit for hit radio. The pop anthem features simplistic production, a moving beat, and a vocal that is drenched in so much emotion that it’s impossible to not feel every lyric that is sung. “Cry for Me” comes across as catchy, empowering, and authentic musically and lyrically. Violet Skies possesses the power to steal the listeners ears from the first note that hits the track. We are sure you’ll enjoy this song from verse to chorus to the songs end. Hear it on Spotify now:

“This is the first happy (!) song I’d written post-break up with my ex and I was clearly still sad and confused but had started to see the funny side of things. Also I just really want more boys to feel comfortable crying, it’s good for the soul. Or maybe my ex just wasn’t sad enough?”
– Violet Skies

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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