The Simple Parade’s New Single Has the Lyrical Power to Connect the World


The Simple Parade’s new single “Going Through Something” is a humbling folk track that has the ability to connect humanity. The lyrics focus on the reality that every single person in this world is struggling with something currently or has struggled. Holding that knowledge close to the heart could help people work with one another instead of push each other away. The song lyrics go on to say that “everyone here could contribute a verse.”

Justin and Kayla Hooper make up the duo called The Simple Parade. The instrumentation is quite simplistic but it is beautiful and lends the perfect amount of space for the songs tender lyrics to really hit the listener. This is the type of song that makes people stop and rethink, and hopefully the end result is a changed person. The world would be a greater place is we recognized that everyone struggles, and everyone could use a little help sometimes while they are going through it. The Simple Parade will release a full length record in 2019. More info at:

Enjoy the visual with the beautiful song:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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