Oginalli’s ‘Forgotten Kindness’ Is Powerful, Feminine Alt-Rock

11 24 18 Oginalli.jpgOginalli’s ‘Forgotten Kindness’ is mathy, grungy female-driven alternative rock out of Nashville. Lead singer Emma Hoeflinger says the tune chronicles, “humbling oneself, and instead of blaming others for the chaos around you, taking action and growing from it.” She “has been creating music as Oginalii since 2013, and in the years that have passed her sound has evolved, just like anything else.” Originally, the project focused exclusively on Hoeflinger and her acoustic guitar, “but a night of noodling around on an electric guitar changed it all. The young singer-songwriter was fascinated with the new color palette, so to speak, and shelled out $100 for a knock off Les Paul.” There’s some real power on this track. Behind dirty, ethereal guitar licks, a strong rhythm section provides a solid base for the soaring lyrics that put a ribbon on the band’s sound. This is a solid track from a strong band. Check out ‘Forgotten Kindness’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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