Mercury Machine’s ‘Age of the Machine’ Is Glimmering Electronic Post-Punk

11 24 18 Mercury Machine.jpgMercury Machine’s ‘Age of the Machine’ is cinematic new wave with a focus on retro electronic elements. The “Manchester five-piece,” says they “are gathering momentum. Prolific in their workload and atmospheric in their delivery, they manage to effortlessly encapsulate an eighties aesthetic, reinterpreting it in a contemporary fashion.” Chief wordsmith Lee Maguire wrote this tune about the way modern technology has changed the average person’s life “from a fictional perspective, but as an isolationist himself it’s also based on personal experience.” The band says that although “we can be connected to like-minded people from across the globe… [and] use technology to escape the stresses of real life or to keep ourselves ‘entertained’ for prolonged periods of time,” there’s a price to be paid for “limited face-to-face interaction.” These guys do an exceptional job of fusing a retro sensibility and approach with modern themes and a sense of urgency. They make the songs they write and the ideas they approach shine. This is a well-done track from a cool band. Check out ‘Age of the Machine’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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