Died’s ‘Fireman, Carry Me Home’ Is Fast, Intellectual and Eclectic Brooklyn Punk

11 27 18 DiedDied’s ‘Fireman, Carry Me Home’ is a quick, shredded take on punk rock out of Brooklyn. Band members say they make use of, “traditional punk instrumentation while commenting and elaborating on genre motifs with experimental song structures, post-production techniques and lyrical concepts.” They say, “a commitment to incorporating a vast array of musical influences, ranging from hardcore punk and thrash metal to slowcore and emo… has unified the band members’ visions and inspired them to write music that is unique yet approachable for many types of listeners.” This seems more hardcore to me than anything else. In certain regards, especially in terms of production and the lucid, industrial aesthetic, these guys could probably be grouped in with groups like Code Orange or Vein. Of course, in many ways they’re very far from those types of metalcore groups. There’s definitely a lot of Suicidal Tendencies in the mix here, but it also feels like there’s also a clear allegiance to noise rock, crust punk and the various corners of the post-hardcore world. This is a blistering track from a band unafraid to push boundaries. Check out ‘Fireman, Carry Me Home’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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