Davidxrussell & Loretta Lynn Get Real Country on “Mountain Momma”


Davidxrussell and the famous Country-Queen, Loretta Lynn have teamed up to create the fantastic sound on “Mountain Momma.” The song features sweet story-telling lyrics, twangy and reverb-y guitars, and grand harmonies that blend fiercely over excellent instrumentation. The lyrics get romantic, telling the story of davidxrussell meeting his wife in a record store to the future of him asking her to marry him. Rock the Pigeon is unsure if this is a true story or not, but either way, listeners will sure get a good ride.

The instrumentation on “Mountain Momma” stays quite busy throughout the feel-good adventuring vocals. However, it’s the perfect amount of instrumentation and playing for each instrument to shine and not step on each other at all. We recommend listening to the song a few times in a row, each time you listen you’ll notice something new and get a bigger experience of the songwriting and production of davidxrussell.

Overall, davidxrussell have delivered listeners a damn good country-folk song. It can be heard on Spotify now:

Mountain Momma is off the full length record “It’s All For Her” which is davidxrussell’s first LP release on Spotify. Rock the Pigeon also highly recommend the tracks “Sunburnt” and “Mr. Matt.”  Thanks for supporting GOOD indie music!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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