Band of the Day: The Dream Eaters with Intoxicating Record “Pagan Love”

Rock the Pigeon has become big fans of The Dream Eaters since we had the privilege of hearing one of their hits “Bats in the Belfry.” This Brooklyn-based band has the sound that sets them apart from the rest of the indie rock bands in the local New York area. Their lyrics are profound and their sound is intoxicating.


The Dream Eaters released their LP “Pagan Love” in early October. Off of that record is another great song titled “One Of The Gods.” This track starts off slowly and smoothly with a drum beat that lets listeners rock for a quick but blissful moment before the song descends back into a more stripped down vibe as the soothing vocals set in. The male/female harmonies fill the listeners ears with pure music love to prepare the listeners for a chorus that totally rocks. The drum groove kicks back in and gives the listener exactly what they came for…glory. The chorus is quite simple but it’s incredibly catchy and lifts the song into something totally unexpected and original feeling, thus setting this band apart from the rest. The lyrics get deep and touch on the subjects of being a flawed human being and even gentrification and littering, among other important topics of feeling heartbroken as things don’t go your way.

“Anyone who’s moved to New York City, or really anyone who’s uprooted themselves and made a major change in their life, should understand this song. The city will break you – it breaks everyone. The song imagines the goddess Athena moving to Williamsburg and being forced to accept that some things are out of her control. It’s obviously quite far fetched, but the conclusion is simple – don’t let them rip your heart out, you’re a god!!”
– The Dream Eaters

The Dream Eaters are a band that should not be overlooked. They have an incredible and mesmerizing 9-song record that indie-rock fans should eat up! Spin “Pagan Love” on Spotify now and be sure to tell a few friends about this incredible act while you’re at it! Rock the Pigeon highly recommends checking out “Tequila River” “Mockingbird” and “Bats in the Belfry” as well!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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